Three of Merronbrooks’ existing key management team, boasting nearly 50 years of commitment have earned their much-deserved new titles and joined Merronbrook’s Board of Directors. Phil Duff, Andy Gibson and Paul Ilnicki accepted their promotions and will continue to enhance Merronbrook as the ever growing and successful company that they have all helped it to become. Congratulations all.

Can we also take this time to mention two of Merronbrook’s key Directors, who are taking a step back from the board? Alistair Strong and Steve Linge. Between these two alone, they also boast 50 years of experience for Merronbrook. Without their continuous support, Merronbrook would not have succeeded in developing its well-established reputation.

Working closely together as a team, no! a family. These industry professionals have led Merronbrook from strength to strength. We all look forward to the future of Merronbrook and where the team can take the business to next.