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Merronbrook supply quality timber frames, floor joists and roof trusses to the building industry

Tight Lead Times and Restricted Access – It Goes with the Territory

Merronbrook timber frames and overcoming restricted site access issuesOver the years we have become well known for maintaining high standards of quality and successfully delivering challenging and complex projects.

As more and more properties are being squeezed onto smaller plots and existing gardens sold off for development, access has become a logistic issue for architects and builders alike to consider – something that Merronbrook have been successfully addressing for many of our customers for some time.

So, when asked if we could help with an inner city new timber frame build project, with a 6 week timber frame erection period – and restricted site access between buildings of only 2.7m wide – we were only too pleased to accept.

As expected, the Clapham project with its limited site access and strict timeframe required careful project management, and working in conjunction with our in-house manufacturing team, time frames have been achieved. The project not only demonstrates Merronbrook’s specialist expertise in working on restricted site access projects and to fast deadlines, but also the benefits of using timber frame, and Merronbrook in particular.

As a highly experienced, specialist timber frame company we have the knowledge, capability and ‘know-how’ to overcome virtually any challenge, whether it be working on a clay-based, inclined site, or a private, off-road development, accessed only via narrow lanes or weight-restricted bridges.  Timber frame projects with limited site access need be no problem with Merronbrook, for we have the solutions.

Roof Trusses – A Closer Look

Key considerations

roof truss typesDepending on the project, selecting and designing the right roof truss type for the project at hand is a decision worth discussing with experts. Merronbrook have over 25 years’ experience designing and manufacturing roof trusses for a diversity of specifications. Whether a residential development requires extra room at an attic level or a design specifies a tall ceiling, we’ll talk and work through the best options.

Roof Truss Types

Typically, Merronbrook manufactures attic trusses, raised-tie trusses and scissor trusses; however they can be created and adapted to suit any project.

Attic Trusses

Also known as ‘room in the roof’ trusses, attic trusses are built entirely with that purpose in mind – to allow for additional living or storage space in a building. A popular choice, with requests ever-increasing for getting the most out of the space available in a building or home, attic roof trusses offer an economical solution for utilising further space. Merronbrook are able to manufacture these roof trusses to accommodate dormer windows and bespoke attic spaces.

Raised Tie Trusses

Raised tie trusses are used to increase the height of a ceiling in a room by their placement above the wall plate. This means that further vertical space can be utilised within a room without increasing the height of the roof itself.

Scissor Trusses

Scissor trusses follow a similar purpose to raised tie trusses, the difference being that the space is increased mainly in the centre with sloped ceilings leading up to the middle.

If you’d like to discuss your project with us, we’d be happy to help. Please fill in one of our enquiry forms on our contact page or give us a call on 01252 844747.

Improving efficiency – Merronbrook’s new state-of-the-art Timber Frame Cross Cutting Machine – January 2016

hundegger timber frame saw arrivingMerronbrook have always maintained a quality-first approach in all that we do. Therefore, it’s only right that we consistently look for opportunities and developments in technology to invest in, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality products and importantly, service.

Hundegger TURBO-Drive

So, what a better upgrade to invest in than a new timber frame cross cutting machine? January 2016 saw Merronbrook prepare for the arrival of our new Hundegger TURBO-Drive machine, a robotic cross cutting machine capable of complete flexibility with timber cutting.

The Hundegger saw has the ability to rotate 36° and simultaneously tilt at 90°, cutting to all manner of specifications. The benefits of the Hundegger TURBO-Drive include improved efficiency, improved accuracy and an increase in production times, as the automated saw requires less manual handling, allowing Merronbrook to produce top quality timber frames for construction, roof trusses and floor joists.

timber frame cross cutting machinenew timber frame saw

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