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Timber Frames, Merronbrook

Timber Frames Is What We Do

Timber frame construction has grown in popularity to become the first choice for builders and developers. At Merronbrook, we have specialised in manufacturing timber frame components, joists and trusses for over 30 years and, as technology has evolved, so have we. We have invested in the most advanced equipment and we use the latest practices, always aiming to maintain our high standards of quality, reduce lead-times and ultimately reduce costs for our customers.


When we started manufacturing timber frames, all design work was done from traditional drafted plans. Although we still occasionally receive designs on paper, we now utilise some of the most advanced CAD systems in the industry, including Wolf Systems’ Easi Joist design software.
Should there be any changes to specifications, our CAD technologies ensure that adjustments can be made quickly and efficiently right up to when we start manufacture, keeping costs to a minimum and flexibility to the maximum.


Once the design has been finalised, project dimensions are loaded into our CNC timber-cutting machines. Compared to traditional methods, the computer-controlled saw can guarantee accuracy for straight and angled components in varying lengths. Along with precision, the cutting machines are fast and efficient, further reducing lead-times.


At our manufacturing facility, we have bespoke machinery for assembling components for timber frames, roof trusses and floor joists. All timber is clamped in position prior to fitting the components together securely and accurately.

Our floor joists incorporate Wolf Systems Easi Joist technology, which is known as an ‘open metal web’ system. In this process, the timber is spaced apart using light and durable metal struts. A specially-designed machine presses the metal components into place, thus guaranteeing the timber remains square at all times ensuring accuracy in the finished product.

Project Management

The layout of our timber frame manufacturing facility is designed for efficiency with all of our operations close to one another. Aside from streamlining the workflow, the proximity of each department improves communication, ensuring that our design teams can easily view the progress of customer orders prior to and during production.

If you would like to visit our design and production facilities to discuss your project, time frames and costs please call us now on 01252 844747, or simply submit your name and phone number on the quick quote form at the top of this page.

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