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timber frame construction for developers

Timber Frames For Developers

timber frame housing with developers
timber frame working with developers
timber frame terraced houses
timber frame homes working with developers
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timber frame housing working with developers

When inflation levels are low, commercial, local and regional developers have to look very carefully at return on investment and how best to obtain the highest yield in the shortest possible time. Timber frame construction in many cases can help achieve just that. Merronbrook has 35 years of experience as a building subcontractor and in that time, we have assisted developers on numerous projects of varying sizes and types.

Timber frame construction is 30% – 50% faster

Construction time can be shortened by as much as 30% for a straight forward two-storey house, and an impressive 50% for a four-storey block of flats. The timber frames can be erected in a matter of days and made watertight to allow other trades to start their work within the building.

CNC Precision Manufactured

Our pre-fabricated panels are cut and fixed to precision in our Hampshire facility. This makes for strength and reliability that is seldom matched in other construction methods.

Sustainable Development

Timber construction is among the most environmentally friendly approaches to property development. Here you can read more about the environmental benefits.

However, it’s not only timber frames that Merronbrook helps developers with. Our pre-fabricated roof trusses and floor joists are made to precise site specific specifications in our factory to avoid on-site carpentry adjustments that delay construction programmes.

  • Site specific quotations available to architects drawings
  • Timber supply only service
  • Full timber frame erection service if required
  • Advice & guidance
  • Technical support pre and post supply
  • Product information on timber frames, trussed rafters and floor joists

If you are a Developer and would like to visit our design and production facilities to discuss your timber project, time frames and costs, please submit your name and phone number on the ‘Request a Quote’ form at the top of this page. You can also email us or call us on 01252 844747

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