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Easi joist system - metal web floor joists

Floor Joists – Easi Joists

When you’re choosing a floor joist system, the range of options on the market can be confusing. They all have their own advantages, but which system is best for you? Merronbrook has specialised in timber construction for thirty years and in that time, we have found that open metal web floor joist systems offer the best value to our customers.

Easi Joists Open Metal Web System

At Merronbrook, we use Wolf Systems’ industry-leading easi-joist® open metal web system. Combining the benefits of sustainable, kiln-dried, stress-graded timber with the rigidity and strength of the easi-joist® metal web construction, we provide lightweight floor beams, engineered to precise dimensions.

The advantages of our floor joist system include:

  • Better access for services installation

  • Increased span

  • Cost-effective for a better ROI

  • Lightweight yet robust design

  • Overall reduction in build time

  • Greater long-term stability

  • Improved sound performance


Watch this video from the Trussed Rafter Association demonstrating the many features and benefits of metal web joists:

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Open Web Design

When installing services in a traditional engineered I-joist, holes need to be cut into the supporting web – a practice which takes time and, in some cases, can affect the structural integrity of the joist.

As its name suggests, the easi-joist® open metal web system allows easy installation of services such as pipes, cabling, trunking and ducts in the floor zone. Among its advantages, using this system reduces build time, saves on labour costs and limits any possibility of incorrect workmanship.

Metal web joists give you unparalleled freedom in design across a variety of floor and roof applications within the commercial and residential sectors. It also enables a range of interior room layouts with an exterior shell.

Increased Span

The sturdy construction of metal web floor joists allows for a much longer span in comparison to other types of joist. The ability to use longer joists has a direct impact on the duration of the project, the cost of labour and the overall ROI.


Aside from being strong and robust, the easi-joist® system is a lightweight floor joist solution. By combining smaller timber sections with a lightweight metal web, these joists are much lighter than their timber equivalents. The benefits of a lighter joist include ease of installation and reduced transport costs.

Fast and easy installation

The easi-joist® open metal web system incorporates a large bearing surface, which has a number of advantages. The floor joists can be set-out much faster and, once installed, are rigid and stable. When it comes to fixing the decking materials, the wider surface also makes the process quicker and more accurate.

All floor joists are installed truly vertical, parallel and top side up.

Long-term Stability

I-joists and other comparable systems can experience levels of moisture and shrinkage that ultimately affect the structure’s long-term stability. The combination of our stress-graded timber and the open metal web system greatly reduces shrinkage factors and results in a quieter and longer-lasting floor system.

Improved Sound and Vibration

Easi-joist® metal web floor systems allow for the installation of a rigid Strongback that reduces vibration and improves the overall acoustic performance of the floor.

Reduction in Build Time

The precision-manufactured easi-joists® and floor cassettes all reduce the installation time of the metal web floor system in comparison to traditional techniques, by excluding the need for further drilling and cutting on-site.

For more information, read Floor joist brochure or visit our Downloads section.

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