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Timber Frame Construction

timber frame structure
Merronbrook Timber Frames Detail
Completed Timber Frame House
Completed Timber Frame House
Construction of a timber framed house
Construction of a timber framed house

When it comes to building modern homes, there are many options available to builders, contractors and developers. One of the most popular modern methods of construction (MMC) in the UK is timber frame housing. It offers significant advantages over traditional methods:

Cost-effective for a better ROI

A more sustainable building method

Reduced on-site build time

Flexible building options

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Merronbrook’s services include:

One-off timber frame construction

Timber frame construction for commercial & care

Timber frame for multiple housing projects

The advantages of timber frame housing:

It’s cost-effective

Price is a major factor in any property development project. More and more developers are choosing to build with timber frames for the simple reason that this building method had a very positive impact on ROI compared to other construction techniques. Aside from the benefits of superior structural integrity, we choose our timber to match the financial needs of our customers.

For estimated cost for your build project, fill in ‘quote form’ at the top of this page and we will get back to you.

Timber Frame is a sustainable building method

With increasing concerns over CO2 emissions, it is the responsibility of all construction companies to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Timber frame construction has the lowest CO2 cost of any commercial building method and is therefore the green option.

Read more about the environmental benefits and timber frame homes and energy assessment.

Building with timber frame can be up to 50% faster

Typically, timber frame construction can save as much as 50% of build programme time.  This allows the building to be made watertight in a fraction of the time normally associated with a traditional build. This accelerated process allows the first and second fixings to be made inside whilst the exterior skin of brick or cladding is applied.

From residential to commercial – timber frame is versatile

Timber frame buildings are well known in the construction field. They cover a wide range of applications, from single storey domestic housing to elaborate multi room residential properties. Due to the speed of erection and versatility, timber frame is used for a wide range of building types. Click on the following links to see examples of Merronbrook’s building projects:

Read more about timber frame houses.

Merronbrook Timber Frame packages

All of our packages incorporate Wolf Systems’ easi-joist floor joist system.  Easi-joist is an open metal web system that allows easy access for pipes and cables around the floor joists. This speeds up the first fix stage and makes the provision of ducting for new heat loss recovery systems much easier.

We mostly use weather and boil proof (WBP) plywood for intermediate flooring. With its known high levels of resistance to heat and moisture, WBP plywood provides greater weatherproofing and cleaning advantages.

We prefabricate your timber frames to CAD specification. The frames are then marked with a unique code and delivered to site. We can deliver the frames in part, or complete, to accommodate your build schedule.

Merronbrook’s experienced and fully qualified teams provide a full erection service for timber frame houses and commercial structures.

Customers range from private self-builders to main contractors. Regardless of the customer, Merronbrook can offer advice and assistance to help you make the right choice for your specific timber frame construction needs.


To find out more about Merronbrook timber frames, click the ‘Request a Quote’ button (in the top-right corner) and fill in your details. You can also send us an email or call us on 01252 844747.


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