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Advantages Of Timber Frame Construction

There are many advantages of timber frame construction when compared to the traditional methods. Timber frame construction is one of the most popular modern methods of construction in the UK.

Timber: A Sustainable Alternative

With increasing concerns regarding CO2 emissions, we all have a responsibility to address our environmental impact. The manufacture of steel and concrete has an enormous environmental cost so it is vital that we seek a more sustainable alternative.

As sustainable materials go, timber frame construction has the lowest CO2 cost of any commercial building method. Compared to steel and concrete, the methods used to harvest, produce and transport timber are less detrimental to the environment.

Timber Harvesting

Aside from this, the very act of growing and harvesting timber has great environmental benefits. Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere but, as they mature, their absorption rate decreases. A thriving timber construction industry ensures that mature trees are continually harvested, and young trees are planted in their place.

Providing Adequate Insulation

Buildings are responsible for over 50% of all CO2 emissions. In the UK, the average house will generate 7.5 tonnes of CO2 per year. The best way to reduce these levels is to provide adequate insulation.

Building timber frame houses ensure high levels of thermal insulation. Timber frame has a more sustainable design compared with other building types. As a result, it isn’t necessary to rely heavily on central heating, thus fewer fossil fuels are consumed and emissions are reduced. This also means that household fuel bills are much lower for timber frame houses than for traditional brick-and-mortar buildings.

Reducing waste

Unlike other building techniques, timber frame construction allows for off-site manufacture. Building a house in this way has great environmental benefits as it reduces waste on site. In a factory environment, waste levels are much easier to manage and, at Merronbrook, all of our untreated waste-timber is reused as fuel in our wood-burning boilers.


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