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timber frame homes energy assessment

Timber Frame Homes – Energy Assessment

As energy performance requirements for new-build homes become increasingly challenging, Merronbrook is here to provide you with the support you need whilst undergoing the process of energy assessment. The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) for new homes in England and Wales requires the thermal envelope to be modelled and assessed for overall quality by a registered On-Construction Domestic Energy Assessor in accordance with Building Regulations Approved Document Part L 2013. The Assessor will look into and measure the ways in which energy can be lost from the designed structure in question; these can be separated into three categories:

Thermal Bridging Losses

Where loss occurs through junctions in the structure, measured as linear items. This includes vertical corners and horizontal wall-to-floor junction lines.

Party Wall Losses

The same as Thermal Perimeter losses, however the U –value is not measured by assessment of the build-up of fabric, but summarised from one of three build-type categories

Thermal Perimeter Losses

Elements measurable as areas – looking at the amount of energy lost through flat panel items including walls, floors, roofs, windows etc.

Download Guides (PDFs)

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Thermal-Bridging-docThermal Party Walls documentthermal perimeters document

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