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 Attic Trusses/ Easi-Attic
 Merronbrook’s Attic Truss
With greater demand for optimizing all available space in homes attic trusses have never been more popular, whether in private housing or with national house building contractors. They can provide additional living space within the roof itself and a large proportion of all trussed rafters are now room-in-the-roof or attic trusses.
This method of construction has been used in engineered wood manufacturing for over 40 years and is a simple tried and tested means of installing a room- in-the-roof into most properties.
Easi-Attic Alternative
The room-in-the-roof zone can be formed by an array of structures which can include attic trusses, pitched roof easi-joist® and a joist floor system or even something as simple as steel or traditional cut timber. Using Merronbrook’s trussed rafters and joist combination,
we can construct an attic type truss which incorporates timber rafters, posts and collars while, at the same time, using our easi-joist® to form the bottom chord member.
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