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  Our Box System Packs a Punch
Merronbrook offer a convenient and innovative returnable box scheme for all our timber truss and joist metalwork products. A dedicated computer system ensures that
all project connectors have been correctly picked, checked, labelled and securely packaged before despatch to the client. The boxes are reusable and the result is fewer errors and less time lost hunting for missing connector packs. Easi-joist® product labelling and instructions are all site specific and are attached to every box leaving our facility.
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Choosing a floor joist or flat roof system can be overwhelming because the range of options can be confusing, especially as they all have their own advantages and traits.
But Merronbrook has specialised in timber construction for over thirty years and in that time we have found that open metal web floor joist systems offer the best value to suit most requirements.
The increasing number of household services that are run throughout a modern building places greater emphasis on the floor zone and its ability to cope with all the extra volume. Traditionally, the floor zone would be cut, notched and drilled to accommodate these services. This not only increases the work on site, but can also severely compromise the performance of a joist system.
The Smart Choice
Open metal web joist systems have become the smart choice for developers due to all the benefits they offer. These include longer spans, greater service-carrying capacity and improved design flexibility.
Merronbrook uses the easi-joist® system, developed by Wolf®, because it integrates so neatly with our existing products and offers many innovative design options.
By specifying easi-joist® we are able to eliminate all drilling or notching and have the flexibility to accommodate a design-on-site approach, which is increasingly
popular in the construction of modern
 home, commercial or industrial buildings.
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