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Merronbrook has two sales divisions: Timber Frame and Joists and Rafters. In each case, to make your contact with us both easy and expedient, we welcome telephone contact prior to order placement.
Our experienced Business Development and Marketing Manager will be happy to discuss your project from the outset and may even be able to help you save money with solutions and approaches that you may not yet have considered.
When discussing and estimating your project, we are happy to meet to ensure a good understanding of your project and before any commitment is made.
 Project Management
We begin every process with a one-to-one consultation, which can be over video call or face-to-face. From the outset we work with you, your architect or designer and your building plans in order to realise the project.
After a design approval process, your personal
Project manager will handle the delivery of your order, coordinating with your groundwork and site teams, to ensure that all the kit arrives in sequence and ready for installation.
The layout of our manufacturing facility is designed for optimum efficiency, with all our operational sites close
to one another. This ensures that all our projects, from yard to site, are seamless, with client involvement at every stage of the process.

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