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 Our multiple applications
Flat & Pitched Easi-Joists
 Pitched Roof
Flat Roof
The easi-joist® is a fantastic option for flat roofs. Its increased span capabilities, coupled with the benefits of our open metal web design, allows services to pass through the roof ceiling zone without any compromise to the joist’s structural integrity. The connection is no different to that of a floor zone, so it can be in-built
or installed by using rapid fix or masonry hangers, depending on the height above the flat roof itself. Your flat roof may stop at the joist level or carry on to create a parapet wall.
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Easi-joist® has multiple application uses and can be easily adapted for flat or pitched roofs. It allows for a lighter and more efficient alternative to solid timbers or even trussed rafters. With minimal re-design the easi- joist® can be installed onto a wallplate and ridge beam without the need for additional shaped timber or special metalwork hangers. Additionally, Velux windows or dormers can also be installed, which lets more natural light into the space. The easi-joist® for roof structures requires important decisions with regards to loading and wind up-lift, but all this is taken into account by our Design team when they engineer a pitched roof using our joists.

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