• Published On: 20 June 2024

    Embodied Carbon in Construction: How Timber Can Lead the Way

    The built environment accounts for about 25% of the UK's total greenhouse gas emissions, making the reduction of these emissions a government priority to achieve the UK's net zero target. Reducing embodied carbon, which includes the immediate environmental impact of construction materials and processes, is crucial as it [...]

  • Published On: 15 May 2024

    Are you comparing like for like with your timber frame quote?

    Gathering quotes is a key part of project specification – and we’re always happy help. But whether you’re a developer or a self-builder it can sometimes be hard to evaluate why one quote is much cheaper than the rest. Are you comparing a comprehensive quote to a less [...]

  • Published On: 11 April 2024

    Focus on collaboration and skills to deliver a more sustainable construction industry

    Timber framed buildings have an amazing heritage in the UK, but they are also one of the keys to delivering a more sustainable built environment fit for the future. Merronbrook is proud of its 50 years’ experience in the industry, and passionate about the role structural timber will [...]

  • Published On: 23 February 2024

    Why you should look for a rock of stability in timber framing

    These are challenging times for the construction industry, with many building businesses closing in response to the economic climate. You need to work with partners you can trust to avoid being left out of pocket. Thankfully, there are multiple indicators you can look for in advance of parting with [...]

  • Published On: 18 January 2024

    Modern Methods of Construction can alleviate the construction sector’s skills shortage

    Decent and affordable homes are fundamental to our wellbeing. There is widespread recognition that we face a critical housing shortage, with a combination of factors preventing us from deploying the skilled labour needed to replenish and expand our housing stock. What is the source of the problem, and how can we fix it? [...]