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Published On: 30 November 2023

We’ve previously discussed how timber-framed housing is growing fast in the UK, but we know that for some builders, whether they are experienced in construction or looking to start a self-build project, there may be some uncertainty around how timber-frame construction can be used to turn a dream home into reality.

Whatever your situation, we know clients often need more from their supplier than merely supply and here we explain why Merronbrook can be the perfect partner.

Where do I start – and how can Merronbrook help?

From initial discussion – where clients often ask, “What do I need to know? What do I need to ask?” right through to value engineering, site work, sign-off and snagging, the team here are available to those we work with, ready to advise in whatever way will help. Always at no additional cost to you.

At Merronbrook, support wherever needed is viewed as part of the standard service, and offered at no additional cost. We are already widely known as the timber frame supplier to turn to if you need expert support. If we can cement and maintain that status, we will retain existing partners and win new ones.

Why is Merronbrook the partner for me?

For over 60 years’ Merronbrook has been supplying trussed rafters, open metal web joists and complete timber frame construction kits to a wide range of customers right across the South East of England.

We started in joinery in the 1960s and shipped our first timber frame house kits in 1974. Unlike many of our competitors, we design the products we offer ourselves with manufacturing taking place in our cutting-edge facility in Hampshire.

Project-specific digital frame-assembly drawings are sent to workstations for production and testing. Panels are created with our fully-automated robotic saw, plus a combination of semi-automated and manual panel-assembly. Our wide jig lets us produce trusses over 4.5 metres in height, so two-part trusses are rarely needed.

We are authorised to complete CE marking, and are overseen by CATG as well as the Structural Timber Association, where we hold the highest membership status (STA Assure Gold). Everything we do is completed under a written and audited ISO framework, so results are consistent for every project.

If you’d like to know more, check out a recent case study of a major project we completed with a long-term developer partner.

What do you offer as my timber supply partner?

The fastest and most sustainable way to build is by using a Modern Method of Construction (MMC). MMCs, such as timber framing, are approaches that shift as much of the activity as possible onto off-site processes, so that site work is speeded, simplified and reduced in budget.

Here at Merronbrook, direct discussions with architects and one-to-one sit downs with partners are everyday commitments for our senior team. In addition, we offer a suite of tools to all who need them:
• Our multiple FAQ sections are extensive and detailed; don’t skip this resource
• Read our many technical guides on topics such as thermal party walls and thermal perimeters
• Check out our detailed thermal bridging tool
• We ask recognised, independent assessors to evaluate the U-values and psi-values that characterise the insulating capabilities of our products, meaning these values are typically accepted by the Domestic Energy Assessors who oversee Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) completion
• Get in touch using our contact page any time and ask to see our facility for yourself

The Merronbrook process step by step

Support at Merronbrook starts from when you are considering whether we are the partner for you and continues long after you have committed to working with us. Initial discussion focusses on value engineering; as needed, we can use our experience to recommend the specific solution that will meet your aims most cost effectively.
The quote which emerges from this will be detailed and comprehensive. There are no hidden extras here at Merronbrook. Because we take this approach, we do urge our partners to make sure they are comparing like for like. Ask a competitor if their quote includes everything that is itemised on ours. Ask what elements are most likely to be subject to change and which are considered sure.

A follow-up meeting is always scheduled as a matter of course, to ensure no questions remain. As your project heads towards works, we will also assist with a site readiness assessment. If adjustments or simple extra measures are needed before actual construction starts, we will be there on site to spot them and advise. Additional trades such as plumbers and plasterers may have worked with us on projects before, even if you have not, and will certainly know how to liaise with us as needed as they follow on from our installation.

At the end of our work on your project, we will visit again, taking the time to address any QA or final snagging issues. Our formalised site sign-off process ensures nothing has been missed.

There for you throughout the journey

Many of our projects arise through word-of-mouth recommendation, because our partners learn they can rely on us to offer more than the minimum. Construction is complex, but we have completed many timber frame projects, and stand ready to offer our experience for the next.

Because we specialise in supporting individual self-builders, we also never forget that building a home is challenging – but should also be creative, stimulating and rewarding. We support our customers through our no-cost consultancy from big dreams through to new homes.

To speak to a member of our team, get in touch on 01252 844747 or via