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Why choose Merronbrook’s timber roof trusses for your trussed roof construction project?

Merronbrook’s experience in manufacturing and supplying timber roof trusses

For over 25 years, Merronbrook has been assisting a wide range of customers with their timber roof truss requirements as one of the most reliable and experienced roof truss manufacturers and suppliers.

In this time we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in many different sectors of the construction industry, including residential and commercial markets.

Types of roof trusses:

  • Raised-tie trusses

Raised tie trusses are used to increase the height of a ceiling in a room by their placement above the wall plate.
This means that further vertical space can be utilised within
a room without increasing the height of the roof itself.

  • Attic trusses

Also known as ‘room in the roof’ trusses, attic trusses are built
entirely with that purpose in mind – to allow for additional living
or storage space in a building.

A popular choice, with requests ever-increasing for getting
the most out of the space available in a building or home,
attic roof trusses offer an economical solution for utilising
further space.

Merronbrook are able to manufacture these roof trusses to
accommodate dormer windows and bespoke attic spaces.

  • Scissor roof trusses

Scissor trusses follow a similar purpose to raised tie trusses,
the difference being that the space is increased mainly in the
centre with sloped ceilings leading up to the middle.

Timber Roof Truss Solutions

Our product range includes a variety of types of roof trusses, typically scissor-profiled roof trusses, raised-tie collars and attic trusses. With our design software, we can allow for dormer windows, room-in-roof applications as well as standard or bespoke attic spaces.

CNC for quality timber roof trusses

We have invested in cutting-edge technology and a new approach to achieving trussed roof design solutions. Our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines achieve perfect accuracy in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. In addition, our strict quality control procedures ensure that as a premier roof truss manufacturer, only high-quality timber trusses leave our factory.

Industry-leading trussed roof design software

Our versatile design software means we can design roof trusses and trussed roof systems for even the most challenging of projects. Using specialist CAD packages and Wolf Systems’ leading truss design software, we can calculate the sizes of the roof trusses, the required fixings and the cost of constructing the trussed rafters.

With this information, our experienced design team will produce a complete trussed roof design package. A complete set of assembly drawings for the roof trusses can also be provided, plus building control calculations.

Off-site roof truss prefabrication

We specify, design and produce all of our roof trusses off-site, saving building time and labour costs. We then deliver the completed trussed rafter panels throughout the UK, to the specified site. As part of our service we supply all the additional timber, metalwork and roof stability bracing to complete the trussed roof structure.

Designed to suit your needs

Merronbrook can design and build any roof truss from our range to fit any roof type.

Download Declaration of Performance

In addition to roof trusses, Merronbrook can also supply spandrel panels, installed alongside the roof trusses, to form a full compartment dividing wall. Timber-framed spandrel panels remove the need for masonry partition walls at a high level. This is not only a benefit for Health & Safety, but it can save time and money with the build programme.

Quality Timber Trusses

We only use PEFC certified timber that is traceable and originates from sustainable sources. By sourcing only the highest quality raw materials, we guarantee a premium end product. All timber for our roof trusses is stored on-site in optimal conditions for strength and longevity.

To find out how we can help with your timber roof construction project, call us now on 01252 844747, or send us an email. You can also request a quote to find out more information by clicking our ‘request a quote’ button at the top of the page.

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