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Benefits of timber frame construction, Merronbrook

Benefits of Timber Frame Construction

Merronbrook’s longstanding reputation for quality products originates from our established procurement policy of only buying premium timber bringing many benefits of timber frame construction. Over the past years we have continued to develop our Timber Purchasing Policy, fully endorsed by all Merronbrook Ltd Directors, which ensures that we only select timber from traceable and well-managed forest sources. The timber we supply is independently certified by PEFC certification schemes ensuring that the origin of our timber is traceable and originates from sustainable sources.

To maintain the high quality of our timber we store unprepared and prepared timber in purpose-made dry storage sheds with cantilever racking which allows the free flow of air around the timber.

The choice for sustainable development

The Benefits of Timber Frame construction are not new, it was used in house building before bricks had even been conceived. Originally used for the construction of straw bale, cordwood masonry and cob buildings timber frame has held the prime position for eco-builders for many years.

Apart from the major advantage of faster construction, builders are looking for sustainable materials and soft wood is just that. The timber we use for timber frames is not hardwood or sourced from tropical forests; typically our timber comes from sustainable Nordic or Scottish softwood forests. As the trees are felled they are replaced and the growing trees absorb carbon dioxide, the main ‘greenhouse’ gas and timber processing residues are largely re-used for other products, meaning little waste.

The advantages of timber frame construction

  • high quality and sustainable material
  • safe to handle and touch
  • high level of thermal insulation
  • the lowest CO2 cost of any commercial building
  • easy and fast construction
  • energy efficient
  • cost-effective

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