As part of our ongoing strategy to becoming Net Zero Carbon by 2030, we have now been officially certified as Carbon Neutral for 2021. This process — assisted by the great folks at Carbon Neutral Britain — involves measuring and sorting all qualifying streams of carbon production, to a globally recognised standard, and using these data to set targets for reduction and embark on offsetting. We’re working hard to reduce our emissions in real terms by implementing energy saving technologies: investing in the latest Euro6 heavy goods vehicles for our transport fleet; switching to electric powered fork lift trucks in our yards; encouraging staff to drive EVs and hybrid cars (by installing charging points); and creating our own energy from wood waste and solar power. But for the carbon that we do produce, we’re using certified offsetting standards, and investing in exciting new global carbon-reducing initiatives that will deliver green technologies for years to come.

Andy Gibson, Technical Director and Corporate Responsibility Lead said “We’re extremely proud to be making another bold step to becoming a more responsible member of our local and global community. At Merronbrook we are committed to playing our part in ensuring that the future of the Construction Industry is sustainable and can deliver energy-efficient buildings for the next generation.”

This is just one more reason why our customers can be assured that we are delivering solutions. Our timber framed homes are already naturally energy-efficient, use low-carbon materials, and will capture and store atmospheric carbon for generations — all the boxes ticked for the sustainability-minded self-builder, or the buyers of homes built by our Developer clients. To find out more about how Merronbrook can help you on your carbon reduction journey come and visit us at our facility in north east Hampshire, or look out for updates on our social media.